• Things Behind the House

    A captivating piece, this artwork captures nature in its uncultivated beauty. The stark contrast of the still life black and white photograph gives the plant a surreal feel that's a guaranteed conversation piece.


    "Things Behind the House" is an original silver gelatin print by Shannon Graham. It was captured on large format film and created entirely in the darkroom using traditional photography techniques.

    • Print Editions

      An edition of only 15 Hand-Printed by Artist (HPA) silver gelatin prints will be printed in the artist's lifetime. It is approximately 11x14 inches and presented in a 16x20 black mat, ready to be framed.


      Additionally, you can order smaller Open Edition (OE) prints that include a 1/4-inch white border. These come with the option of adding our studio's standard black mat.


      All prints are signed and dated by the artist. They are shipped in protective packaging to ensure safe arrival at your home or office.


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