original photographic art. created in the darkroom.


Darkroom Artist features the fine art photography of Shannon and Colleen Graham, specialists in traditional black and white film photography. The gallery features original silver gelatin prints created in the darkroom at S&C Design Studios as well as edition prints of select images that are available for purchase.


Enjoy the look, feel, and fine details of a real photograph that was hand-printed by the artist. These high-quality pieces of art are an ideal addition to the decor of any home or office. From abstract art to industrial pieces, and a wide selection that simply explores the world as the artists' see it, there's original artwork of nearly every subject to complement your personal style.


The vision is one thing and the technique is another.

The physical process and chemical reactions of producing silver gelatin prints are one of the most fascinating transformations that a person can witness. It is at that moment—as the latent image slowly appears in the developer tray—where the true magic in photography lies. That is the point in which you know that every step you have taken along the way, every detail that you picked at, and every bit of perfection that you demanded was not in vain.


The magic of photography is not lost.
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All art on is ©S&C Design Studios, LLC. Professional Photographers in the Cedar Falls, Iowa area.

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